Gansch schön groß
(Gansch beautifully big)
Symphonic Thomas Gansch

Thomas Gansch - trumpet, flugelhorn, singer, conferencier
Conductor: NN

Classical music, jazz, folk music, hits, funk, pop, vaudeville, brass band music, rock, chamber music, fusion, new music, opera, big band, cabaret, theater ... These are some of the areas that appear again and again in my work and they are all equally important to me.

I am the result of my experiences and since I have always absorbed everything musical like a sponge and have never drawn dividing lines between styles, I am now in the fortunate position of being able to make music from all directions with the best in their field. But how do you present the whole spectrum, how do you bring these many influences onto the stage as a distillate? With a large orchestra, of course!

In the classical concert business, however, the crux of being a soloist is the following: I think it's a pity that soloists are reduced to a marginal part of the concert program. The soloist, who is usually traveling alone anyway, is limited to the last available rehearsal unit with the orchestra, the dress rehearsal, and the first fifteen minutes of the concert. There is hardly any time for polished work on the repertoire and one remains more or less anonymous. But how would it be if the soloist were to perform the entire evening? It will be exciting, entertaining and new for all involved, when I set out to lead through an exciting evening full of musical adventures with my own compositions and arrangements, as instrumentalist, singer and conferencier in personal union. Take a look!

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